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Oven Performance Meets Microwave Convenience

Oven Performance Meets
Microwave Convenience

Cutting edge LG innovation allows you to preheat, brown, bake, or roast, all in significantly less time.
The premium stainless steel cavity looks great, and conducts heat better than traditional painted metal interiors and with Sensor Cook, you have humidty-sensing technology that determines when food is cooked to perfection.

Discover LG Microwaves

Over the Range

As functional artwork, LG over-the-range microwave ovens add style and sophistication to your kitchen. And with an assortment of features, such as QuietPower™ venting, making delicious meals is quick and easy.  Learn More

Explore some of the amazing features found on LG over-the-range microwave ovens:

Child Lockout: Enables you to lock the keypad to prevent your over range microwave from being accidentally started.

Convection Technology: LG over range microwaves use convection technology that leverages convection heat to cook food faster, more evenly, and at a lower temperature. It’s like having a second oven.

Extenda™ Vent: LG’s Extenda™ Vent covers the entire cooking surface below, including the front and back burners for better, more complete ventilation in your kitchen.

One-touch Settings: Your over-the-range microwave oven makes it easy to cook and warm food – from chicken to coffee – with the touch of a button.

QuietPower™ Vent: Clears the air so quietly you won’t even know your over-the-range microwave is on.

Round Cavity: Optimizes the interior of your over range microwave oven space, and with no hard edges, makes for easier cleaning.

Sensor Cooking: Humidity-sensing technology senses when food is cooked and automatically turns off your over range microwave to prevent over- or under-cooking.

True Cook Plus™: This patented technology in over-the-range microwave ovens allows you to cook your food safely, easily and perfectly every time.

Warming Lamp: This first-of-its-kind technology in LG over-the-range microwaves uses a radiant heating element to keep food warm, so you can enjoy a hot meal when you’re ready.

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